Thursday, July 01, 2010

Publishers Weekly raves about "On The Many Deaths of Amanda Palmer"!

Reminder: you can still upload your own palmeresque on the Amanda Palmer Trust site. You can win an advance readers' copy of the book--and it's time to start really getting excited for that!

Publishers Weekly is certainly excited to have read the On the Many Deaths of Amanda Palmer, giving it a starred review and calling it "coy, engaging, and delightfully imagined." See below for the full review!

On the Many Deaths of Amanda Palmer (And the Many Crimes of Tobias James)
Rohan Kriwaczek, Overlook, $24.95 (240p) ISBN 9781590203811

Inspired by the imagined death of the real-life (and living) Amanda Palmer, the front woman for the self-described "Brechtian punk cabaret" band, The Dresden Dolls, Kriwaczek (An Incomplete History of the Art of the Funerary Violin) puts his mischievous faux-scholasticism to work. Presented as an anthology of "Palmeresques," an artistic form of fan response to Palmer's mysterious death, each text offers its own darkly fanciful version of the songstress's demise. Also imagined are a jumble of issues concerning the shady dealings of the Amanda Palmer Trust (APT) selection committee, the possible influence of a murder suspect on their proceedings, and the intervention of the Boston police. A postmodern Russian nesting doll of realities, complete with poems, charts, and censored text, this book is successful on many levels: creepy and fun when accepted at face value; tantalizing when looked at as evidence in a murder mystery; insightful in its commentary on modern celebrity and culture--in all coy, engaging, and delightfully imagined. Illustrations. (Jul.)

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