Monday, August 23, 2010

NYP: James Bond IS "The Man with the Golden Touch"

If you missed Sinclair McKay's interview on the Dennis Prager show, don't fret--this weekend's New York Post had a fantastic two-page spread dedicated to the much-praised new book, The Man with the Golden Touch.

Here's our favorite part of the article, but if you have a few minutes, we recommend you take the time to read the whole thing. If you're a Bond fan and haven't picked this book up yet, this wonderful piece will definitely make you want to do so!

McKay is at his most entertaining simply recounting the absurdity of the films themselves, sprinkled with bits of trivia. Like how cheap the early films were, with “Dr. No” costing only $1 million. Connery was understandably grumpy about his take, which was estimated on the fourth film, “Thunderball,” at about $350,000 — for a movie that took in $141 million worldwide!

Or the fact that most of the early actors, hired for their looks, had to be dubbed. Yet that only made Gert Frobe’s portrayal of Goldfinger better, McKay argues. The German’s lack of English lent him “a constant facial expression of belligerent confusion.”

Today, the greatest challenge facing James Bond is not coming up with an inventive way for the good girl to die — it’s the financial problems of film studio MGM, which has held up Daniel Craig’s third outing indefinitely.

It’s too bad. Because reading McKay’s retrospective, it seems like Bond is just getting started.

Already read, ordered or wish-listed the book? Leave your favorite Bond fan in the comments. We'll share ours later!

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