Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Great discussion on our Facebook

about True Grit. If you're interested in the novel, it's definitely the place to be--people are posting their thoughts on the book, the new film adaptation and other Portis-y facts. We'll also continue to update it through awards season and with any particularly interesting tidbits about our new edition. Apologies for the backorders and lack of e-book, too--our newest printing will be shipping out soon and the e-book will be available Jan. 14.

Meanwhile, the lack of new editions means that people are checking out used bookstores and eBay for older editions. While of course we love the shiny new movie tie-in and think that Donna Tartt's introduction is a must-read, some of these are absolutely gorgeous and awesome keepsake. And there's something we really like about used (pre-owned?) books--imagining who was first enthralled by True Grit is really something fun.

Either way, thanks for getting involved in the discussion of this American classic. Coming tomorrow...our literary resolutions for 2011! We hope to hear some of yours for inspiration as well.

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