Tuesday, December 07, 2010

On the second day of Christmas, Overlook Press gave to me...


(We know that does not even come close to rhyming. We have given up on that completely).

First, congratulations to Roger S (via Facebook) and Ellen L (via Twitter), winners of yesterday's copies of Charles Dickens' Christmas Books. Thanks to all of you who entered! We were thrilled with the response (and might need to add in some bonus days-of-Christmas for you all!). The holiday cheer is unparalleled.

Today's giveaway is one of my absolute favorite Overlook books--Bliss, Remembered by Frank Deford of NPR and Sports Illustrated fame. He signed advance copies of Bliss at Book Expo America 2010, which was our first indication that this wasn't your ordinary sports novel--the crowd was full of young and old readers, male and female, sports enthusiasts and those who just loved listening to him on NPR. Scroll down for praise and to see him discuss Bliss with Matt Lauer on the Today Show! Plus, the book is a wonderful love story--it's really appropriate to be given away on the day celebrating two turtledoves, a symbol of love.

We'll be giving away THREE AUTOGRAPHED COPIES of Bliss, Remembered. While I recommend it to anyone who loves a great story, we can say that our dads, grandmothers and twenty-something friends all really loved this book--it would be a great gift for someone who's hard to buy for but enjoys reading, and it has the fun signed touch!

TO WIN: Leave a blog comment, Tweet this contest, or leave a comment on our Facebook page. You can enter once in every area and we'll announce the winners tomorrow morning as we announce what you can look forward to for the Third Day of Overlook Christmas! And yes, unless you live on a farm, it will be better than three French hens. (Or any other hen ethnicity. We love them all).

Coming up over the next 10 business days...art books, more signed books, gift book sets, some of our most popular authors (including P.G. Wodehouse, Penny Vincenzi, Peter Quinn...and more!) and a True Grit giveaway bonanza! Thanks for participating and we hope you enjoy the holidays as much as we are!

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"Told as a memoir, Deford's newest is entertaining and thought provoking. He has a superb sense of character and period, and readers will at once feel drawn into the turbulent times... This is a poignant story, utterly charming and enjoyable."--Publishers Weekly

"Deford, the award-winning author of "Everybody's All-American" and a celebrated figure in print and broadcast media, creates as his heroine Sydney Stringfellow, an American athlete who falls in love with a dashing German while competing at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Describing that doomed love affair, against the budding wartime landscape of the time, Stringfellow relates the intriguing timeline of her life in a descriptive narrative to her son. The result is compelling and, from start to finish, filled with serpentine twists."--San Antonio Express-News

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GaryPaulson said...

Well, Christmas just gets better and better! Thanks.

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