Tuesday, February 08, 2011


We just got in finished copies of Frances Hill's new novel of the Salem witch trials, DELIVERANCE FROM EVIL, and they look absolutely fantastic. Thrilled to see the book getting some pre-publication praise as well! Deliverance from Evil will be on sale March 3.

Issue: February 15, 2011
Deliverance from Evil.
Hill, Frances (Author)
Mar 2011. 320 p. Overlook, hardcover, $25.95. (9781590204702).
Historian Hill utilizes her extensive research on the Salem Witch Trials to bone-chilling effect in this riveting tale of a town spiraling out of control. Hill’s four previous nonfiction books documented the infamous witch hunt and its aftermath, enabling her to lend a sense of immediacy and authenticity to the gripping narrative by stocking it with characters ripped directly out of the pages of history. She knows enough about the real-life perpetrators and victims to build a convincing fictional scenario around them.
The tension ratchets up, and the hysteria mounts after what initially begins as an innocent game becomes something much more sinister. As the Salem community loses control of its collective senses, no one, not even innocent clergyman Reverend George Burroughs, is above suspicion. Astute readers will pick up on alarming parallels to be drawn between the past and the present day.

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