Thursday, June 16, 2011

Overlook's Father's Day Picks!

Ties. Socks. Golf accessories. What to do for Father's Day? Our dads have always appreciated a thoughtful book selection, and a nice personal inscription goes a long way. (Or surprise him with a gift certificate to his favorite local bookstore, and go pick something out together!) If you're stumped, a few ideas from your friends here at Overlook...

For a dad who enjoys Westerns, humor, and a good movie as well as a great novel: TRUE GRIT, the #1 New York Times bestseller and beloved American classic. Pair it with the just-released DVD from the Coen Brothers' film adaptation. If you buy the Blu-Ray, look for Overlook publisher Peter Mayer in the special features talking about the novel. If Dad already read True Grit, try one of Portis' other classic novels--we especially like The Dog of the South, but Norwood, Masters of Atlantis and Gringos are all outstanding choices.

For a dad who's interested in science, technology, history, or the military: CHURCHILL'S WAR LAB. A beautifully-researched book full of little-known stories and anecdotes, this book also delves into the scientists and engineers behind the military technology that led the Allies to victory in World War II. Plus, that cover!

For a dad who loves a good thriller: A SIMPLE ACT OF VIOLENCE. R.J. Ellory's most praised work to be published in the U.S. so far, this Washington, D.C.-set book is noir thriller at its finest. Bonus: if Dad likes this book, you can get him the rest of the Ellory books for Christmas!

For a dad who loves his newspaper subscriptions and wonders about living in a digital world: THE PIANO PLAYER IN THE BROTHEL: THE FUTURE OF JOURNALISM. History-making newsman Juan Luis Cebrián talks the history and calling of journalism and his thoughts on its future in this thoughtful essay collection.

For a dad who likes his thrillers with a dash of historical fiction: THE MAN WHO NEVER RETURNED (now available in paperback!). The 1930 disappearance of New York State Supreme Court Justice Joseph Crater fascinated the world, and novelist Peter Quinn has spun fact and fiction into a dazzling mystery.

For a dad who enjoys a good conspiracy-theory thriller or remains interested in the Kennedy mystique: THE CAMELOT CONSPIRACY. Bringing together theories on the mob, Castro, the CIA and of course the confusion on the Grassy Knoll, this thriller is a spellbinding read for history buffs who like to look below the surface of events.

For a dad who loves sports and/or NASCAR racing: NASCAR LEGENDS. Any NASCAR fan would appreciate this history of the sport's greatest men and memorable moments, but a general sports fan would also enjoy this as an introduction to one of the world's most popular sports.

For a dad who's interested in ancient history but enjoys a witty take: THE ANCIENT GUIDE TO MODERN LIFE. Think The Daily Show does classical history--comedienne Natalie Haynes debunks myths and observes how the ancient world continues to influence us today.

And, of course, for the dad who enjoys his humor British, our stylish editions of P.G. Wodehouse make a wonderful gift. THE HEART OF A GOOF is a particularly popular title around this time, as no one describes a romp around the greens quite like Wodehouse.

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