Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eoin Colfer Turns to Crime: PLUGGED On Sale September 1

Eoin Colfer's crime fiction debut Plugged goes on sale tomorrow with a loud round of applause from Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and Associated Press.

Bestselling mystery writer Lisa Scottoline, writing in the Washington Post, notes: “Great writers can write anything, and Plugged is proof. Its author is Eoin (pronounced “Owen”) Colfer, a name you might recognize because he wrote the best-selling “Artemis Fowl” books for young adults, as well as a sequel to Douglas Adams’s “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” Taken together, those books feature fairies, unemployed gods, a boy genius, a green alien and a galactic president, which means it’s not easy to categorize Colfer or his writing. That’s a good thing. Because now he’s produced a bang-up crime novel for adults. This might lead you to think you’re in Elmore Leonard, Carl Hiaasen or even Damon Runyon country, but you’re not. Although there are echoes of all three writers in Plugged, Colfer’s novel is dominated, driven and fully animated by a refreshingly original voice. . .Colfer has the deftest of touches, so he underplays them at every opportunity, which makes the reader care all the more. Plugged packs a powerful dramatic wallop for such a slim volume, like a flyweight with a knockout punch. And Daniel McEvoy becomes a knight errant in a sensitively wrought study of the effects of war on the human soul. As I said, great writing.”

Susan Carpenter profiles Colfer for The Los Angeles Times: "Irish author Eoin Colfer has been "doing leprechaun stuff" for a decade. Better known as the bestselling "Artemis Fowl" series for middle-grade readers, Colfer's self-described "leprechaun stuff" is the delightfully sordid story of a 12-year-old criminal mastermind who'll let nothing — least of all fairies — stop him from reclaiming his family's lost fortune. The seven books in the series have been translated into 40 languages and have sold millions of copies worldwide. Yet despite his success, there comes a time when a writer just wants to write about something more adult, like a down-on-his-luck Irish doorman at a cut-rate New Jersey casino who repeatedly finds himself an accessory to murder. The book is called "Plugged," and the comedic crime noir, due out Thursday, is Colfer's first novel for readers who prefer whiskey to milk."

And here's a look at what some of the early reviewers are saying:

“Channeling noir stylists from Raymond Chandler to Elmore Leonard, Eoin Colfer the Irish author of the million-selling “Artemis Fowl” series for teens, goes a little crazy in his head-spinning, hilarious first novel for adults. “Plugged” (Overlook, $24.95) introduces us to the charismatic Daniel McEvoy, who uses the lethal skills he learned in the Irish army as a strip-club doorman who finds himself in deep sewage with the cops and the Irish mob — thanks to his best friend, a crooked doctor who is giving him hair implants.” – San Antonio Express-News

“Colfer has put aside his wildly popular Artemis Fowl YA fantasy series for Plugged, grown-up noir tale — with a wink. The hero of this humorous crime thriller is Daniel McEvoy, an Irish bouncer with bad hair implants who works at a seedy New Jersey casino. Among his troubles (besides the hair) are the death of his girlfriend, disappearance of his doctor and mobsters from the Old Country.” – New York Post

“Irish author Colfer, best known for his middle-grade Artemis Fowl series, makes his much anticipated crime novel debut with this pitch-perfect comic noir. Outrageous characters, uproariously funny plot twists, and brutal, monstop action make this a sure-fire winner.” – Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Plugged is a miles-apart transition for the acclaimed young adults’ author, as he makes the brave leap to adult fiction—not the easiest of leaps to make, especially if that leap is the wide and dangerous canyon of hardboiled crime where safety nets are as scarce as a Tony Soprano’s diet. Thankfully, Mr. Colfer’s leap of faith has him landing expertly and solidly on his feet with page-turning ease. Funny, acerbic, crazed, riveting, sardonic—with just the right amount of hard-boiled dialogue—Plugged is everything you want in a summer read.” – New York Journal of Books

“Eoin Colfer makes his crime fiction debut with a bang. With swift pacing and plenty of twists and turns to keep readers guessing until the very end, Colfer’s crime caper has all the makings of a classic thriller. Daniel tries to hide his insecurities and chivalrous weak spot behind his wry, self-deprecating humor, and his witty voice deftly blends comedy with the noir storytelling. A clever ending leaves room for a sequel and fans clamoring for more of this sensitive Irish rogue.” – ForeWord Magazine

“Colfer’s adult crime-fiction debut—after his bestselling Artemis Fowl YA series—introduces a big, brash, bawdy, balding anti-hero. Transplanted from Ireland to the picaresque vale of Essex County, N.J., sharp-witted, hair-challenged, ex-professional soldier Dan McEvoy finds he must cope with a nonstop barrage of problematic issues, all with pain and suffering potential. It’s a considerable step from the world of YA to this novel’s extreme raunchiness, and some in the fan base—new readers as well—may view it with alarm. Others will find the goings-on funny enough to forgive anything.” – Kirkus Reviews

“If Carl Hiaasen married Raymond Chandler and engaged Dave Barry to be a surrogate mother, Plugged would be the progeny. Oh, grow up! This is a zany crime caper where such things are possible. With the unlikely title—redolent of Chandler’s characters being “plugged” with lead bullets—the bestselling author of the Artemis Fowl series makes his hilarious crime fiction debut á la Elmore Leonard. Incredible imagination won’t suffice to solve this who-what-and-whydunnit. This five-star story in the vein of Robert Coover’s Noir has more twists than a box of rotini pasta.” –L. Dean Murphy

“Colfer makes his adult crime fiction debut with this tale of Daniel McEvoy, who might be a doorman at a low-rent casino in Cloisters, NJ, but who once upon a time served two tours of active duty in the Irish army. . . The body count rises steadily as Daniel gets himself into various situations both dangerous and hilarious involving good and bad cops, crooked lawyers, barrels of steroids, and assorted mayhem. Carl Hiaasen and Elmore Leonard fans should enjoy this hard-boiled novel with a dash of humor.” – Library Journal

“Colfer, author of the Artemis Fowl youth series, employs similar techniques in this one—breathless plotting, humor, and wordplay—but he adds a diverse armory of guns, grenades, and stilettos. Fans of Ken Bruen’s hilarious odes to murderous psychopaths will want to get Plugged.” — Booklist

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