Thursday, March 01, 2012

Giveaway: New and Noteworthy Winter Paperbacks

Have you ever felt like revisiting the memory of a bad breakup, traveling the African continent with a family on the brink of destruction, or reliving the hysteria of the Salem witch trials from a firsthand perspective? You haven’t? Maybe that’s just us.

Even if stories of heartbreak, international disaster, and the macabre don’t top your TBR list, you’re still sure to find a unique read to fit your specific tastes in the latest batch of paperback releases from Overlook. With new and reissued novels, memoirs, anthologies, and histories from authors including Gerald Seymour, Ken Babbs, Carolyn Cassady, and Bárbara Mujica, there’s sure to be a book for every possible reader contained in this current season’s paperback lineup. Check out the list below!

Today we’ll be giving away three paperbacks to one lucky reader who subscribes to the Winged Elephant before 9am (EST) tomorrow morning. To subscribe, enter your email address in the form on the right side of this page, or click here to get the latest news from Overlook delivered straight to your inbox. We'll contact a winner tomorrow to select three books of their choice. Good luck!

It’s Not You, It’s Me
Available Now
Edited and Introduced by Jerry Williams
The poignant and visceral anti-Valentine’s collection, featuring poems by Mark Strand, Robert Hass, Bob Hicok, and many other. “Williams is as good a prose writer as he is a poet. Get hold of this guy’s stuff and read it.” – Entertainment Weekly

The African Safari Papers
Available Now
Robert Sedlack
An intense and outrageous portrait of a family so troubled that their vacation is, in a word, torture. Now being adapted as a movie, this novel is the most enjoyable dysfunctional family drama since The Royal Tenenbaums. “Richard’s voice is brilliantly keen and winning, and he chronicles wild experiences and dysfunctional behaviors with irresistible verve.” – Publishers Weekly

The Garden of Reading
Available Now
Michele Slung
An anthology of contemporary short fiction about gardens and gardeners. The perfect book for the literary gardener, including works by Garrison Keillor, James Thurber, Stephen King, and Doris Lessing. “A must-read for all gardeners.” – Gardening

Diaboliad and Other Stories
Available Now
Mikhail Bulgakov
Translated from the Russian by Carl Proffer
A rich selection of short fiction by the author of Master and Margarita. The only complete translation of Bulgakov’s first collection of short stories, plus six of his best feuilletons from the 1920s. “A lively collection.” – The Washington Post

Available Now
Bárbara Mujica
The striking and lively novel about Frida Kahlo, one of the most dynamic artists of our time—now an international bestseller translated into seventeen languages. “A vivid creation … This story burns with dramatic urgency.” – The New York Times

NASCAR Legends
Available Now
Robert Edelstein
NASCAR’s sixty year history is rich with varied stories about heroic racers, incredible races, and love of family. NASCAR LEGENDS traces the history of stock car racing through the record breaking drives who made it the number one spectator sport in America. “A fast-paced and rowdy romp.” – Neal Thompson, author of Driving with the Devil

The Night Casey Was Born
Available Now
John Evangelist Walsh
“Casey at the Bat” is a legendary poem about the crushing defeat of a small-town baseball hero. For the first time, John Evangelist Walsh gives the story behind the poem and its young journalist author. “This history of the mighty Casey hits it out of the park.” – Baltimore Sun

The Collaborator
Available Now
Gerald Seymour
The taut, gripping tale of deception in the Camorra, Naples’ deadliest mafia, by the “master of suspense” (The New York Times).

Off the Road
Available 3/27/2012
Carolyn Cassady
Love, literature, and a fascinating and unparalleled close-up view of Cassady’s inner circle. Off the Road tells the intimate story of the legendary Neal Cassady and his remarkable friendships with Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. “A great book as well as a wonderful autiobiography.” – The Washington Post

Who Shot the Water Buffalo?
Available 3/27/2012
Ken Babbs
The hilarious and terrifying first novel by Ken Babbs, famously a Merry Prankster and best friend of Ken Kesey. “A lovely if chilling read, chilling because it brings home the reality of a tragic war.” – Larry McMurtry

How to Fish
Available 4/3/2012
Chris Yates
The classic meditation on the pleasures and wonder of fishing. There’s no better guide for the uninitiated and no better companion for those already familiar with the satisfactions of fishing than Chris Yates. “He captures the wonder, and humor, of the natural world.” – The Los Angeles Times

The Spartacus Road
Available 4/3/2012
Peter Stothard
The spellbinding story of a gladiator’s heroic fight for freedom and a harrowing journey down the Spartacus Road. At once a journalist’s notebook, a reflection on life’s fragility, including the author’s own fight against cancer, and a classicist’s celebration. “You can almost picture those Roman soldiers and those slaves with their swords and shields.” – All Things Considered

Maritime Dominion
Available 4/3/2012
Peter Padfield
Historic sea battles and shifting naval powers in the modern era. In Maritime Dominion, Peter Padfield examines the terrible wars of the last century, reaching controversial and sometimes startling conclusions. “Ambitious, hugely enjoyable … this lucid, passionately argued and beautifully written history ranks among the finest of recent times.” – Sunday Times

Deliverance from Evil
Available 4/3/2012
Frances Hill
Dramatic and moving, the latest novel by Salem historian Frances Hill makes the witch hunts terrifyingly vivid. Hill brings her deep historical and political understanding together with her honed skills as a novelist to produce a picture of the trials both realistic and emotional. “Vivid description gives the feeling that the Salem witch hunt happened five minutes ago.” – The Los Angeles Times

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