Monday, April 23, 2012


Paul Waters, author of The Republic of Vengeance and Cast Not the Day returns to ancient Rome in the brilliant new sequel The Philosopher Prince, out this week from The Overlook Press.
In 2010 Paul Waters introduced Cast Not the Day, a compelling and unflinchingly violent new classic of historical fiction written in the tradition of Mary Renault and Rosemary Sutcliff. In The Philosopher Prince, young noblemen Drusus and Marcellus are back to face the corrupt Roman state in an epic story of comradeship, love, and battle set in antiquity.

In 355 AD the heroes return to a world populated by ambitious bureaucrats and cutthroat courtiers, where human values are treacherously pitted against the calculating machinations of an all-powerful tyranny. Having fallen foul of the emperor’s authority and charged with treason, they must face off against the might of bloodthirsty forces set to destroy them. For Drusus and Marcellus their only ally is the young imperial prince, Julian. But Julian has troubles of his own: his very success has made him hated by his uncle, the emperor.  A gripping, action-packed adventure set in the late Roman Empire, this daring work is rendered authentic through the fusion of historical detail and daring plotlines, delivering a vivid and convincing journey to the past. 


Waters’s portrait of a less familiar historical era is vivid and remarkable. Historical fiction fans who enjoy Edward Rutherfurd and Bernard Cornwell will rejoice in this fresh new voice.” – Library Journal

“A well-researched tale illuminating a little known historical era.” – Publishers Weekly

“Paul Waters, who also wrote The Republic of Vengeance and Cast Not the Day, demonstrates a great love and respect for ancient Roman history.” – ForeWord Reviews

“Waters vivifies the ancient world with plenty of classical detailing and clashing swords; the fact that this tautly spun yarn is supported by an intriguing philosophical and theological subtext is definitely a bonus for discerning readers.” – Booklist

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