Tuesday, May 08, 2012

On Sale this Week: VIVA LA MADNESS

Looking for that perfect blend of dark humor, razor-sharp dialogue, and quick-fire violence to ring in the summer reading season? Look no further. J.J. Connolly is back! The bestselling author of Britain's most shoplifted book returns this week with Viva La Madness, the eagerly awaited and unforgettably thrilling sequel to his modern day crime fiction classic Layer Cake.

Twelve years ago first time novelist J.J. Connolly delivered a walloping breakthrough with the "stunningly original" (Booklist) bestseller, Layer Cake, a tale of the intricate hierarchy operating behind London's drug-dealing underground. Adapted into a feature film starring Daniel Craig and Sienna Miller, Connolly's authentically gritty voice ushered in a new era of British crime fiction.

Connolly's razor-sharp dialogue and brilliant craftsmanship return in Viva La Madness. Looking to settle down to a quieter life, Layer Cake's unnamed narrator instead finds himself unwittingly drawn back into the high-stakes world of designer drugs, brutal violence, and trans-Atlantic fraud as he journeys through the world of British gangster culture from the streets of London to the Caribbean coast.

"Masterful plottingdouble crosses abound—a cracking pace and some truly excellent set pieces ... Fast, furious, funny and highly recommended for fans for fans of the earlier book and new readers alike." The Guardian

"Readers who reveled in Connolly's first twisted crime confection, Layer Cake, will rejoice in this sequel, another tale of decadence and derring-do ... This follow-up would make delightfully delirious film fodder. Not for the faint of heart of those offended by colorful language." Booklist

"A gripping read ... like the title suggests, it's madness." Crime Fiction Lover 

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