Thursday, July 19, 2012

Award-winning architect Lester Walker is author of American home architecture classics such as American Shelter and Tiny Houses.  The New Yorker deemed him the founding father of the “tiny house” movement and his books have been hailed “a rich illustrative record of American house architecture” (Boston Globe).

In his latest endeavor, DESIGNING A HOUSE: The Illustrated Guide to Planning Your Own Home, Walker draws on his years of experience as both an architect and a professor, carefully guiding initiates through every important step of the building process, from setting up an office and buying tools to sketching a plan and obtaining permits. Any do-it-yourself enthusiast or layman can acquire the skills needed to achieve beautiful and comfortable results in this accessible and light-hearted guide. Whether you have a limited budget, or limited space, Walker showcasing solutions that can work for any number of unique needs.

This beautiful volume is richly illustrated with 56 full color images and over 100 line drawings from Walker, taking the guesswork out of architectural design and arming readers with the basic tools and knowledge to build their dream home.

Do you dream of building your own home? Peek inside this invaluable new book below!
This is an example of an office set-up for long term planning.

The three basic tools for drafting are the parallel ruler or T-square, the adjustable triangle, and the lead holder. Master their use and you're set.

Using the Walker's symbols guide, you can draw a sketch plan in detail.

Careful design using colored volumes with an entry porch and thoughtful
landscaping can configure an exciting home even on a very tight site.

Porches and landscaping are important parts of
the design of the entry of any residence.

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