Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Give Thanks for Good (New) Books!

Thanksgiving is finally here—that much-needed extended weekend full of good food, great company, and of course, amazing sales. But aside from being a relaxing and lighthearted holiday spent alongside family and friends, it’s also the biggest travel weekend of the year. With all the time spent on a plane, train, or in traffic, all those homeward bound should be prepared with a trusty book on hand so that even the worst commute ever could be made enjoyable. And if you plan on spending the wee morning hours in a line at your favorite stores on Friday, you better make it two!  With a variety of new Overlook releases out this November, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Take a sneak peak at a few of the titles Overlookers will be stuffing inside their carryons, below! Happy Travels, Happy Reading, Happy Thanksgiving!
A Question of Identity by Susan Hill
The seventh installment of Susan Hill’s internationally acclaimed Simon Serrailler mystery series, A Question of Identity follows the infamous detective as he investigates a bizarre nursing home murder. Hill has crafted a complex, masterfully written story that delves into the depths of the human psyche—be it a serial killer, brooding detective, or anxiety-ridden med student—while keeping readers transfixed to every twist and turn in the investigation.
Company for Henry by P.G. Wodehouse
With a literary career spanning 70 years and more than 90 books, P.G. Wodehouse is lauded worldwide as one of the greatest comedic writers of the twentieth century.  A reliable master of social satire, Wodehouse has garnered legions of loyal fans with his charming British wit and distinctive characters. In Company for Henry, a host of characters all want something from someone else, and they are all determined to get it, despite the classic Wodehouse challenges in their way.
 Moments Captured by Robert Seidman
Seidman’s strong narrative and storytelling prowess infuse this work of historical fiction, a fascinating portrayal of America’s Gilded Age through the imagined life of pioneering photographer Eadweard Muybridge. Journeying through the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the coldest winter on record, the ambitious and entrepreneurial Muybridge follows the progress of transcontinental railroad construction by Chinese immigrants, frustrated by his inability to capture the energy of a country on the brink of change. When he falls in love with the intrepid young dancer Holly Hughes, her beauty and grace becomes his muse for a groundbreaking invention: the first motion picture camera. She soon becomes his obsession, leading to a love affair that is threatened by a rival’s desire for Muybridge’s technological expertise.
 Freddy and the Dragon by Walter Brooks
Out of print for some time, this all-American children’s classic by Walter Brooks continues the adventures of Freddy the Pig, one of the greatest characters in children’s literature. After returning from a riding trip through New England with his friends, Freddy finds that terrible things have been going on—gardens raided, houses broken into, and threatening notes demanding protection money. Setting out to solve the mystery, Freddy must take on a headless horseman who proves no match for Freddy’s own dragon.
 Drinking Water by James Salzman
James Salzman’s illuminating examination of the earth’s most precious resource is told through the lens of current affairs, popular history, and science. It delves into issues predicated by pollution and recent technologies like fracking, while also tracing the quest for drinkable water throughout civilization: from the construction of Roman aqueducts to Ponce de Leon’s expedition for the fabled Fountain of Youth. In the vein of Mark Kurlansky's bestselling Cod and Salt, Salzman demonstrates how a single substance has shaped our world by demystifying the legendary pursuits, environmental history, and modern global repercussions behind the most fundamental commodity of all. 

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