Friday, January 25, 2013

The Best of the Beasts

It has now been over a year since the passing of beloved artist Ronald Searle, whose playful caricatures have delighted both children and adults alike. Now, The Overlook Press is happy to release Beast Friends Forever, another of Robert Forbes' charming collections of animal-related poetry, complete with 33 never before published illustrations by Searle. Searle's colorful and lively drawings magnificently capture the playful tone of Forbes' poems, and they are certain to make Beast Friends Forever an instant favorite among parents and children alike.

Babette's Scent

Babette the Skunk adores fine perfume
And teaches young skunklettes the best way to groom,
For soon they'll grow up and want to go play
With game skunky guys for a sniff and a spray.

She's studied her art with Parisian perfumers
To pursue out the truths in those naughty French rumors
Of how to mix flowers and herbs in a potion
That floridly stirs up torrid emotion.

She gave it a name that's a little risqué-–
(To help with seduction the true Français way)
Packaged in black and called "In-d-scent,"
It's sure to enflame any white-striped gent.

Now skunky ladies all through the woods
Are armed for amour with oderous goods.
The skunk world is thriving, thanks to Babette!
(There's also cologne and an eau de toilette.)

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