Wednesday, August 07, 2013

New in The Collector's Wodehouse: FRENCH LEAVE and THE WHITE FEATHER

Two new volumes in Overlook's beloved Collector's Wodehouse have just been published!

The White Feather tells the story of a schoolboy who takes up boxing after shaming himself by running away from a fight. This charming early novel (1907) by PGW plays a series of witty variations on the standard school story of the period, balancing the minor heroics of the action against a humorously ironic commentary.

When three sisters from Long Island leave for a holiday in Europe, complications ensue in a classic Wodehouse tale of mixed up lovers and impoverished aristocrats. Set in France, Wodehouse abandons his familiar world of English country houses and London clubs for a more sophisticated European milieu in his 1956 novel French Leave.

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Anonymous said...

Happy an sad that my Wodehouse library will soon be complete