Tuesday, November 04, 2014

A Missing Reels Book Giveaway

You know all those great classic movies on Netflix you keep promising yourself you'll see soon? The films that are filled with quips from old-school Hollywood's eliteAudrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Lillian Gish, Jean Harlowthat you pass over before landing on yet another predictable series to binge-watch? Well, Farran Smith Nehme's debut novel MISSING REELS might be the final, much needed motivation to actually get you to see them—once you're able to put the book down, that is.

Wonderfully nostalgic, effortlessly movie savvy, and irresistibly energetic, MISSING REELS  follows young Ceinwen Reilly as she navigates her way around the gritty world of 1980's New York City to uncover a long-lost silent film. A smart and witty romantic comedy filled with quirky characters and snappy dialogue to boot, MISSING REELS will leave you dying to watch the grand Hollywood romances of yesteryear that inspired this charming read.

Don't miss out on your chance to win a copy of MISSING REELS now, just enter our Goodreads giveaway before it's too late! 


Anonymous said...

Please consider also becoming a LibraryThing publisher. They have a very active monthly Early Reviewers program.


Anonymous said...

I posted the above comment re: LibraryThing. I want to make clear that I am an active user of LT, but I don't work for them.

I just think they have a better program than Goodreads. :)