Monday, August 07, 2006

Philip K. Dick, Ridley Scott, and Robert Littell...

Galley Cat has news this morning of a new movie based on the life of Philip K. Dick, and their description includes the words "paranoid," "conspiracy," "drug-fueled," "interdimensional shifts," and "mind-bending adventure."

Yup, sounds like a P. K. Dick film to me.

With the recent success of Richard Linklater's adaptation of "A Scanner Darkly," which I am kicking myself for missing in the theater--in the throes of a heat wave, no less--and the upcoming "Panasonic," Dick is enjoying a bit of a revival lately. Fans of P. K. Dick might be interested to check out "What If Our World Is Their Heaven: The Final Conversations of Philip K. Dick," if they missed it back in 2001. It's a quick read and a fascinating look into the author's mind during his last days, including his reactions to preliminary screenings of what became his most famous book-to-film adaptation, the Ridley Scott-directed "Blade Runner." That's Scott (left) in the picture with Dick (right) above.

Also, it bears repeating the Ridley Scott is executive producer on the upcoming TNT miniseries adaptation of Robert Littell's CIA novel The Company, set for release in Spring 2007.

--John Mark

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