Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Two New (and Very True) Reviews

Arthur Salm of the San Diego Union-Tribune on Mikhail Zoshchenko's THE GALOSH:

"The stories are strikingly Russian; the jumbled, frequently hilarious, sometimes touching cascade of events that take place over the course of a few hundred naivete-struck words simply cannot be transposed to any non-Slavic, or, for that matter, pre-Soviet setting. Having his apartment building wired for electricity seems a good idea, for example – the modern new state! – until the lights go on and the narrator sees what a dump he lives in. "

And Jennifer Bennett in Rain Taxi says of BEFORE Short Stories About Pregnancy From Our Top Writers :

"The anticipation and the anxiety, the disappointment and the joy, the comic and the tragic all find expression in this engaging selection of stories address (in one way or another) the experience of expecting a child. Editors Heather Swain and Emily Franklin, both writers and mothers, have assembled in BEFORE a complex look at a common, but never ordinary, life passage."


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