Monday, June 30, 2008

Chris Yates' HOW TO FISH in the LA Times

In yesterday's Los Angeles Times, Nick Owchar reviews How To Fish, a series of meditations on angling that transcends the confines of the sport, by fisherman and author Chris Yates:

"A part of me wants to thank Chris Yates for this book, and another part wants to punch him in the mouth. The irritated part finds summer to be no slower than the spring: hectic with deadlines and paperwork, far from the streams where Yates sits quietly, waiting for fish to rise. My irritation's not his fault, I admit. There is nothing boastful about "How to Fish" (Overlook Press: 256 pp., $19.95) In this book, Yates turns his pursuit of salmon, loach, bullhead and other fish into a beautiful meditation on existence that would make Thoreau or -- more aptly, since Yates is an Englishman -- Izaak Walton proud. My grateful side considers "How to Fish" a relief, a window onto something that many of us, increasingly, find only in books -- the quiet, contemplative experience of the religious hermit that the angler clearly shares."

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