Tuesday, July 01, 2008

P.F. Kluge, author of GONE TOMORROW and EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS, Profiled in Columbus Dispatch

P.F. Kluge, author of Eddie and the Cruisers, Biggest Elvis, and the forthcoming Gone Tomorrow (Fall 2008) was recently profiled by Joe Blundo of the Columbus Dispatch. Novelist, journalist, and teacher, Kluge is writer in residence at Kenyon College.

His new novel, Gone Tomorrow, received this notice from Publishers Weekly: "In Kluge’s thoughtful new novel, Mark May, a young professor at an Ohio college, is surprised to be named the literary executor of a recently deceased colleague he barely knew. George Canaris was a literary sensation in the 1960s, but hadn’t published anything in 30 years. At the time of his death, he was rumored to be working on his magnum opus, but there is doubt the manuscript exists. While inspecting the dead man’s house, Mark finds the manuscript of Canaris’s memoir, which provides insight into the man and his work, and even if Mark has doubts about its veracity, it pushes him to arrive at some important decisions about his own life. The novel is suffused with Kluge’s obvious affection for books, and has some cleverly aphoristic things to say about the joys of teaching, the pitfalls of academic infighting and the tragedy of artistic expectations left unfulfilled."

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