Monday, October 13, 2008

Douglas W. Kmiec on the Catholic Question in USA TODAY

Douglas W. Kmiec, author of Can A Catholic Support Him? Asking the Big Question About Barack Obama, contributes an essay on the Catholic issue and the Presidency in today's USA Today Forum. Kmiec, Chair & Professor of Constitutional Law at Pepperdine University, is pictured here with actor/activist Martin Sheen, who wrote the Introduction to the book. Kmiec and Sheen will both appear at Diesel Bookstore in Malibu, Ca on Sunday, October 26.

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truly pro-life mom! said...

This is pathetic, tragic, pure unadulterated evil. Barack Obama has stated, "I have two daughters and if they made a mistake, I wouldn't want them to be punished with a baby." That, sir, TELLS IT ALL!!! By absolutely no stretch or contortion of ANYONE claiming to be pro-life is it possible to miss Obama's meanings, and THEY ARE EVIL INCARNATE: 1) on just the everyday level, he places absolutely NO VALUE ON PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, 2)on the level of the rights of his daughters as women and mothers, he sees a baby as a punishment rather than a blessing to them 3)He completely discounts imago deo, assumes the inconvenience factor is the ONLY GUIDELINE, DOES NOT HONOR ANYTHING, MUCH LESS GOD OR HIS CREATURES!!! Your own promotion of such grave sin and evil is downright nauseating. I truly don't know how you sleep at night having aligned yourself so diabolically.