Friday, October 10, 2008

Susan Hill's THE MAN IN THE PICTURE On Sale Today

From the renowned storyteller Susan Hill—whose first ghost story, The Woman in Black, has run for eighteen years as a play in London’s West End—has returned to a form that is fully classical and, in Hill’s able hands, newly vital. The Man in the Picture is a haunting tale of loss, love, and the very basest fear of our beings.

"A real treat for fans of a true, elegant ghost story, this slim novella is as accomplished a chiller as you would expect from the author of The Woman in Black. Told second-hand, as is traditional, alongside a scotch, a glowing log fire and a crackle of menace, it relates the history of a sinister painting and a figure in it who looks out at the viewer "with what I can only describe as pleading." This is chilling stuff – so make sure there's someone else in the room before you come to the end." - Independent

Check out the book trailer on You Tube!

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