Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dr. Irene Levine's BEST FRIENDS FOREVER On the Radio

Tune in tomorrow to radio stations all across the country - Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Chicago, Cleveland, Austin, Washington DC - to hear Dr. Irene Levine discuss her new book Best Friends Forever: Surviving the Breakup with Your Best Friend. Widely known to readers of The Huffington Post as "The Friendship Doctor," Dr. Levine will appear on many top rated programs to talk about the book.

Best Friends Forever is a groundbreaking and heroically honest book for abandoned friends seeking solace in the aftermath of a breakup of a best friend. Drawing on years of research and personal testimonials from thousands of women, Dr. Levine offers the first self-help guide for saving, ending, or re-evaluating a relationship. On sale now, Best Friends Forever is an indispensable addition to every woman's library.

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