Thursday, September 17, 2009

Suzanne Brøgger’s THE JADE CAT On Sale Today

Today we celebrate the publication of Suzanne Brogger's acclaimed novel The Jade Cat, translated from the Danish by Anne Born, and now available for the first time in U.S. bookstores. First published in 1997 in Denmark, and translated into English for the U.K. market in 2004, The Jade Cat is a gripping saga of Danish highlife and lowlife through three generations of a tormented family is as diverse and uncompromising as William Styron's Sophie's Choice and Isabel Allende's House of Spirits.

Here's a sampling of early praise for The Jade Cat:

"A brilliant novel about a brilliant family. It brings a lost world to life. A must read." - Erica Jong

"Suzanne Brogger is one of Scandinavia's greatest living writers and an iconic figure, a modern-day George Sand, who has always defied taboos, pieties, and cliches -who has written and lived fearlessly. She is a poet, an essayist, a dramatist, a memoirist, and a distinguished jazz singer and composer in addition to being one of her country's most admired and read novelists. The Jade Cat is a great family epic of love and war and a fitting introduction of Brogger to the audience her peerless gifts deserve." - Judith Thurman

"A further index of this novelist's originality and power." - The Independent

"Brøgger's lively and insightful novel chronicles the fates of the Jewish Løvin family as they endure the tragicomic events of the 20th century. . . Brøgger offers readers a powerful, personal account of rapidly changing times through the lens of a family whose comedies, tragedies and absurdities are magnified by historical context and whose contemporary descendants provide a glimpse of a more hopeful future." -Publishers Weekly

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