Monday, March 08, 2010

EXPLORATION FAWCETT Tells the Real Story of the Journey to the Lost City of Z

A new addition to the Spring 2010 list is Exploration Fawcett, by Col. Percy Fawcett, the true story behind David Grann's #1 bestseller The Lost City of Z. Now available for the first time in the US since 1953, this new paperback edition will go on sale on April 7.

Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett – the legendary British explorer – disappeared in Brazil’s unknown and unexplored territory in 1925. For ten years he had wandered through remote jungles and along death-filled rivers in search of lost cities. Convinced he knew the location of such a hidden place, The Lost City of Z, and longing to uncover the secrets of the Amazon, he headed off into the wild for the last time – never to be heard from again.

In Exploration Fawcett, the thrilling and astonishing story of what happened during that time is told - compiled by his son from the records his father left behind. including manuscripts, letters, logbooks and private papers. To this day, Colonel Fawcett’s disappearance remains a great mystery.

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Colonel Percy Fawcett said...

We all love a good mystery and a tale of adventure, the Indiana Jones films popularity is proof of that. Unfortunately very few of us ever experience an adventure of our own.
This Fawcett story certainly gets the imagination going as to what could have happened to the 1925 Fawcett expedition.
How did they die?
Did they all suffer the same fate?
Did they ever find the Lost City of Z?
There is much we will never know about the expedition and I suppose we will ever find out now, which is a shame, but at least as long as it remains unknown the mystery will continue.
And let's hope Hollywood does the story justice in the forthcoming film starring Brad Pitt..
I have read the excellent Fawcett Expedition, edited by his son Brian Fawcett. It is essential reading to anyone interested in this story and is the one that most later books will be based on.
I have also read David Grann's Lost City of Z and found it a good read, although a bit too much Grann at times, but that is my humble opinion.
I have come across a new book about Fawcett called Amazon Adventure by Ben Hammott, it will be out later in 2010. I have read the two advance chapters on the book's website and thoroughly enjoyed them. At last a book that takes the reader to the Lost City, something I think we would all like to read about, even if it is fiction. I have read his previous non-fiction book Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar and it was good, very funny at times, so I think he will make a good job writing about the Fawcett story. Here is the link for those who want to find out more:
where you will also find large Fawcett expedition maps and an English translation of manuscript 512, the document that helped Percy Fawcett believe a Lost City existed in the Amazon jungle.