Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Lucy Moore's ANYTHING GOES Chronicles America in the Roaring Twenties

Lucy Moore's dazzling new social history of the Roaring Twenties, Anything Goes, is drawing widespread attention:

"A gorgeous historical indulgence." - In Style

"Delightfully traces the personalities and events of Jazz Age America." - The Chronicle of Higher Education.

"The energy and dynamism that came to embody much of the Roaring Twenties are palpable in Lucy Moore's portrait of American society throughout the decade. . . This is clearly a book of timely relevance." - Times Literary Supplement

"Lucy Moore's enlightening, well-researched biography of the 1920s will appeal to scholars as well as a general audience. Filled with attention-grabbing details that many historians neglect and a wide range of subjects - from celebrities like Charlie Chaplin or Bessie Smith to political corruption and social upheaval - Anything Goes will not disappoint readers, no matter their educational background...Anyone interested in discovering Al Capone, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Charles Lindbergh in the pages of the same book will find this broad-based work a worthwhile pursuit." - -ForeWord

“Quickstepping over the surface of the 1920s, a high-octane and high-speed decade that F. Scott Fitzgerald christened the Jazz Age, U.K. writer Moore emphasizes that the 1920s was a time a lot like our recent past…This survey is best suited for readers not deeply familiar with this much revisited decade.” - Publishers Weekly

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