Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Are YOU excited for the new TRUE GRIT film?

Looks like our friends at USA Today and Rolling Stone are! Check out this huge feature that ran in USA Today this morning. Our favorite revelation?

The Coen brothers told Bridges they didn't want him to think about the Wayne movie, and instead draw inspiration from the Charles Portis novel.

Go here to read it all.

The Rolling Stone piece is only available on newsstands, but Walter Kirn said of the "Rediscovery of Charles Portis": "A generation of novelists have simply regarded him as a writers’ writer and have made his name a sort of secret password. Soon, they’ll no longer have him to themselves." Is your interest piqued?

And check out this feature from Cowboys & Indians Magazine!

Bridges particularly enjoyed bringing Portis’ words to life, as the author wrote wonderful dialogue brought to great life by the Coen brothers. “You really feel that you are back in the 1890s,” he says. “The book’s dialogue and story are a bit eccentric, and the Coen brothers keep that rhythm going and create the sense that you’re back in the era when the story took place. It’s a great place for Ethan and Joel to be, and when you read the book you can imagine the two of them directing this movie.”

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