Monday, October 18, 2010

Bookreporter on FORBIDDEN PLACES, by Penny Vincenzi

My love of Penny Vincenzi is well-known to Winged Elephant readers. (Sorry!) That's why I, in particular, was so happy to see this glowing Bookreporter review on her fantastic new historical romance pageturner, FORBIDDEN PLACES. Here's my favorite part, but go here for the full review!

Like many of Penny Vincenzi's novels, FORBIDDEN PLACES offers not only a healthy dose of escapism but also a fascinating glimpse into a particular period of history, in this case the Second World War. The Blitz, the women's branches of the armed services, the surprisingly complicated politics of housing young London evacuees, not to mention the more personal politics of trying to keep marriages alive in wartime --- Vincenzi touches on all these topics even as she writes a ripping good epic that manages to draw together violence, betrayal, love, danger, and lots of sex. As in her previous bestsellers, Vincenzi carries her audience along on a tidal wave of supercharged plot tempered by genuine emotion, a thrilling combination that picks readers up and won't put them down again until the thoroughly satisfactory conclusion.

(Also, love that Bookreporter is featuring Tatiana de Rosnay and the fantastic SARAH'S KEY in their "One to Watch" section!)

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