Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On the 12th day of Christmas, Overlook Press gave to me...

...WINNERS CHOICE! (Charles Portis, P.G. Wodehouse or Nonesuch Dickens Great Expectations!)

First, congratulations to yesterday's winners BethFishReads, Heather K and Amy for winning signed copies of Katie Arnoldi's POINT DUME!

For our last day of holiday giveaways, we're letting one lucky winner take his or her pick of True Grit and four additional titles by Charles Portis, or some of our new P.G. Wodehouse titles, or the Nonesuch Dickens edition of Great Expectations (Oprah's latest book club pick).

Now, we're a little bit biased towards the Charles Portis books right now, especially since he's getting some attention with the new Coen Brothers adaptation of his most famous novel, True Grit. But some of us like Norwood even more, and some of our Twitter friends have been particularly vocal about the superiority of The Dog of the South. We also thought Gringos and Masters of Atlantis were absolute American classics.

But in case you already read those, we thought you might prefer a Wodehouse or Dickens instead! So it's up to you.

TO WIN: Leave a blog comment, Tweet this contest, or leave a comment on our Facebook page. We'll announce the winner tomorrow morning!

Nonesuch Dickens Christmas Books
Autographed Bliss, Remembered
Penny Vincenzi novels
Autographed Drawing is Thinking
True Grit, True Grit, TRUE GRIT! (ongoing)
The Gilded Stage: A Social History of Opera
Freddy the Pig in paperback
Street Knowledge
P.G. Wodehouse
Let's Have a Bite!
Point Dume


Jessica M said...

Ooh, True Grit or Wodehouse... this would be a tough pick!

Kerry said...

Never read Wodehouse... could be a good time to start!

Craig said...

True Grit--whoo whoo--Peter Mayer for president 2012

Roger said...

This has been such a wonderful idea. I love that the Overlook Press has so many fans, and lets them participate in such a wonderful year-end treat. Happy holidays to you all!

Amy said...

The Dog of the South! And thanks for the win yesterday!

@DogberryPages said...

Really hoping to win True Grit and then have to make a really tough decision.