Thursday, December 22, 2011

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Overlook Press gave to me …

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas just like the ones I used to know. Where the tree tops glisten, and children listen to hear sleigh bells in the snow.” – “White Christmas” by Irving Berlin

Between this week’s unseasonal warmth in the New York metro area and an unfavorable outlook for snow over the holiday weekend, it seems unlikely that any NYC-based Overlookers will be enjoying a white Christmas this year. After last December’s onslaught of extreme winter weather we’ll be grateful to skip the endless shoveling and travel delays, but as the days slowly begin to grow longer after last night’s winter solstice, we’re all secretly craving Central Park sledding and snowball fights.

Whatever the weather may bring this weekend, the 12 Days of Overlook Christmas must go on. With only two days of literary gift-giving remaining, we’ve already handed out ten prize packs containing sets of books by Charles Portis, Milton Glaser, Eva Zeisel, Kate Colquhoun, Carrie Hagen, Peter Quinn, John Avlon, Jesse Angelo, Errol Louis, Juan Luis Cebrián, Alan Cowell, Robert Forbes, Walter Brooks, Paul Lichter, King Adz, Allan Tannenbaum, Mervyn Peake, Maeve Gilmore, Charles Dickens, David Bercuson, Holger Herwig, P.G. Wodehouse, Eoin Colfer, Jim Nisbet, and Charles McCarry (whew). Today we add to that esteemed list one of our most cherished writers of crime fiction and noir, R.J. Ellory, whose three previous Overlook novels A Quiet Belief in Angels, The Anniversary Man, and A Simple Act of Violence, as well as his forthcoming A Quiet Vendetta will all be given away to one lucky winner. Congratulations to Petite, who nabbed yesterday’s suspense and comic noir compilation, and remember to continue sending comments and tweets to enter today’s contest.

What do a kidnapped governor’s daughter, a secret government cover-up, a serial killer from New Jersey, and a group of adolescent vigilante guardians have in common? They’re all subjects found between the pages of R.J. Ellory’s award winning mysteries and thrillers. Of Ellory’s work, commercial heavyweight James Patterson said, “There aren’t nearly enough beautifully written novels that are also great mysteries. Like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Smilla’s Sense of Snow, A Quiet Belief in Angels is one of them.” If you’re looking for something to do this weekend besides open gifts, skip the Fincher flick and cozy up to one of Ellory’s psychological page turners.

A Quiet Vendetta (coming in 2012) begins with a seemingly straightforward crime: the New Orleans kidnapping of Catherine Ducane. The police quickly react, expecting the usual demands of a ransom for her recovery, but when the mutilated remains of her bodyguard are discovered and her kidnapper finally calls, it’s not money he’s asking for, but instead a private audience to tell the shocking story of his own dark past. Ringing with truth and containing an epic history of the Italian mafia in America, it’s a must have for mystery fans.

A Simple Act of Violence is a panoramic novel about the covert activities of the CIA during the war in Nicaragua, the illegal trafficking of cocaine from Managua to Miami in CIA-chartered aircrafts, and the activities of known criminals given carte blanche and exemption from prosecution by the US intelligence community—all set against the backdrop of contemporary Washington. Perfect for the conspiracy theory enthusiast.

A riveting thriller set in New York City, The Anniversary Man may well be the ultimate serial killer novel, chronicling the case of a deranged but highly intelligent murderer who kills on the anniversary dates of famous crimes from the past. A mesmerizing mystery and an ideal gift for fans of the serial killer thriller.

Set in the small, rural community of Augusta Falls, Georgia A Quiet Belief in Angels tells the story of twelve-year-old Joseph Vaughan as he learns of the brutal assault and murder of a young girl—a classmate he knew better than anyone else and quietly loved. The murder is the first in a series of killings that plague his community over the next decade. Compelled by fear and duty, Joesph gather a group of friends to form “The Guardians,” who vow to watch over the young girls of Augusta Falls. But the murderer evades them and they watch helplessly as one child after another is taken.

Don't forget, there are three ways to enter. Good luck and happy holidays!

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You can enter once in each area until 8 AM tomorrow morning, and we will be announcing a winner in Monday’s post. After all entries are received, we choose a winner using Please leave an email address when entering so we can contact you if you’ve won.


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Four fantastic novels from a very talented writer.R.J.Ellory is destined to become one of the foremost names in thriller writing.

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Just finished The Anniversary Man and want to read the others!