Monday, April 16, 2012

EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Amanda Bartlett, Designer

Have you been following our Employee Spotlight series? For those book lovers dying to know the process of book making from manuscript to bookstore shelf—and until there is an awesome School House Rock ditty to tell the tale—we’ve been breaking down the positions and personas of the Overlook Staff.  We have introduced you to the people who acquire and edit manuscripts, schedule the production and delivery, sell to retailers and wholesalers, and of course, get the word out so people want to buy them.  But what about the physical book? Who designs the jacket? Who makes strategic decisions on color, design, and font?  While the latter often involves opinions from around the press, our designated designer extraordinaire at Overlook is Amanda Bartlett.

A native upstater, Amanda is now a proud Brooklynite who loves all things bookish and beautiful.  A big thanks to Amanda for joining us to dish on her job and interests.

OP: Describe your job in 140 characters or less.

AB: I design book covers, buy images, pick out typefaces, and occasionally help George with his computer.

OP: What are you currently reading?
AB: The Lost Art of Real Cooking by Ken Albala & Rosanna Nafziger, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men by David Foster Wallace, and a backlog of New Yorkers.

OP: What is your favorite book that Overlook has published?
AB: I think the Wallpaper: The Ultimate Guide by Charlotte Abrahams is really lovely.

OP: If you didn't work in publishing, what would you be doing?
AB: I would want to start a letterpress shop or a(nother) rooftop farm in Brooklyn. Or I would be some band's groupie.

OP: What is your favorite word (Can be in any language—bonus points if there is a funny/interesting story behind it).
AB: Anything Yiddish.

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