Monday, July 24, 2006

The Week-End Book on NPR

Back from yet another week-end, embarking on yet another Monday morning...

NPR's "Weekend All Things Considered" (appropriately enough) on Sunday featured an interview with John Julius Norwich on THE WEEK-END BOOK. Norwich wrote the introduction to THE WEEK-END BOOK, among other claims to fame. You can listen to the brief interview on NPR's archives here.

Among the topics discussed are cocktails and the essential first aid required after their consumption and the the law as it relates to bathing:
There is one crime which every bather who has forgotten (deliberately or by accident) his bathing costume is in danger of committing at one time or another, though he may not be so unfortunate as to get into trouble for it. Whatever openly outrages public decency and is injurious to public morals is a misdemeanour. That means your body, dear reader. Any public exposure of the naked person is an indictable nuisance, and it has been held that this is so when there is no exposure beyond what is necessarily incidental to bathing without a bathing suit.
--John Mark

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